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Hands up who is still using Webdata Pro for website database creation and management in 2023?

I am! My name is Brad and I have been using Webteachers Webdata Pro on my sites since around 2003. Alas, it seems that Rob, the creator, no longer really supports this super easy to understand and user friendly software that makes implementing a quite sophisticated database on ones website and perhaps more importantly allowing users to interface with it, an absolute breeze. They tell me there are better alternatives. I haven't found any.

I plan to keep on using Webdata Pro for as long as I have websites and I hope you will join me in doing the same. However, since my hosting company recently insisted that I move to a more secure server after being hacked by little rocket man & his henchmen, it has become apparent that these twenty year old scripts are in need of some updating. My hosting company says it's all hopelessly out of date and to move on, as does Rob too I reckon.

However, I am not willing to throw the baby out with the bath water! Heck, I still use DOS version 8.0 of Quicken on a brand new Windows 11 laptop!
You think I'm joking don't you?

Thus, I have created this page as a refuge for other legacy Webdata Pro users & fans like myself. It's time to dust off my IT associate degree from the 1980s and learn SQL and Perl. Some CGI and Javascript might be necessary too. The most pressing issues seem to be with the adding & importing records functions with newer versions of mySQL so that will be addressed first.

Please reach out and let me know how you are using (or used) Webdata Pro and any difficulties you may be experiencing. I shall do my best to assist, but please give this old BASIC programmer a chance to get back up to speed! Together, we shall endeavour to give Rob's great scripts a renaissance.

email Brad:

Current Issues Being Worked On:
Add records does not work in either Webdata panel or web forms.
Two problems are being encountered:
SQL statement INSERT INTO {table} VALUES.......... is returning two errors
Column '_timestamp' cannot be null and Incorrect integer value: '' for column '.... _id' at row 1
I believe these to be a result of mySQL version 8.