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TR8 repair progress

Fuel Injection Conversion
This car was wrecked in the mid Eighties with less than 30,000 miles on the clock. It had been in storage ever since, until acquired by us early in 2001. At first it was thought to be too badly damaged to be repaired, thus the intention was to transfer the powertrain to an alternative bodyshell. However, upon closer inspection it was able to be saved which in the interests of originality is clearly a better option.

GM-SD1 fuel injection

TR7 V8 repair progress

Alternator Adjustment Upgrade

This wedge started out as a four cylinder model, but as an almost rust free Alabama car, we felt it would be a good candidate for conversion to a V8 model. Fortunately, a donor car in the form of a very rusty 1976 fixed head which someone had invested a huge amount of money and effort in converting to TR8 specification was found locally.

Rover V8 power
The way to go!

Delco (electronic) D302 conversion to Lumenition

At Wedgeparts we strive to rescue as many cars as possible, especially dropheads. We could not bear to see this fuel injected model wasting away in a local barn. As can be seen from the photos we had quite a task ahead of us, but the car is now running under its own power!

Rover V8 Conversion

Someone had installed a Mazda rotary engine in this car! We have recently had this car running and the engine smokes something awful, which has moved this car up on the Rover v8 transplant list.

We were going to offer the Mazda conversion kit for sale but after seeing how someone has pounded away at the sheet metal of the transmission tunnel to make the exhaust downpipe fit, we have decided to destroy the conversion parts & sell the RX-7 parts to Mazda enthusiasts for installation in RX-7's where they belong!

Now converted to V8. with manual steering and GM fuel injection using the SD1 style intake.

Rover V8 Conversion

This car falls into the 'rescue' category. It was sold as a parts car since the infamous stock engine had long since thrown a rod. In fact the engine is completely gone which made for an easier haul over the Smokie Mountains. However, it really has quite a respectable body with only minor accident / rust damage here & there.

We have decided to diversify a little and add some other classic Leyland wedge cars from the seventies & eighties to our fleet. We also plan to offer a range of Rover SD1 parts although the number remaining in the USA is surely very few? We are especially interested in hearing from SD1 owners about any possible parts re-manufacturing projects it may be viable to undertake.

We found this nice example right here in the Nashville area and it is a solid southern car.

After replacing a number of parts the car is now running and driveable.

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